How To Deal With Plumbing Odour

There are times when you walk into your kitchen or bathroom only for your nose to be hit with a strong foul smell. There might be different sources of foul smells; however, if you cannot easily track the source of the smell, then check your plumbing system. You might think that cleaning can be the only solution to getting lead of plumbing odour, but there is more than just cleaning and cleaning. Plumbing maintenance is an important activity in odour control; first, you need to figure out where the plumbing problem is. You will apply various methods that can help you control the foul odour.

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The good news is the following ways can quickly address an excellent percentage of plumbing odours:

Ensure drain traps are wholesome

Sewer gases can quickly get through your drain taps, which is one way of retaining the bad smell within themselves. This usually happens the water trapped in the taps evaporates and dries up immediately; also, it happens on drains that are not used more often, for instance, in the basement area. Therefore, you need to ensure that the water level on the traps is sufficient so that it can seal any foul sewer gases; how do you do that? Just pour a quarter gallon of water into the drain, followed by a few cooking oil tablespoons. This ensures that the water doesn't evaporate quickly and the trap remains sealed.

Pour hot water

Most people do not understand the wonders hot water can do for their drains. Dirt and other remains that tend to harden inside your drain can quickly produce a foul smell; therefore, hot water easily erodes the hardened dirt in the drain. Any hot water will be effective, even if the leftover water from your shower or cooking can help. In addition, pouring hot water into the drain ensures that grease and oils do not harden inside the drain causing clogs. Also, hot water is an excellent idea because it does not affect your pipes even if they are getting old.

Hot vinegar

You must have heard about people using hot white vinegar to get rid of smelly odours. Well, you can use the same vinegar to clean your drains. It is straightforward; you can use a coffee maker to brew white vinegar and water just the same way you brew coffee. Then, pour the brewed hot vinegar down your drain and leave it to take care of the foul smell.

Baking soda

Sprinkling baking soda down your drain can take care of any bad smell you might be feeling. This is an effective way to ensure your drain is odour-free; when it rests on the drain, it tends to absorb any foul smell and dissipate the smell so it cannot escape and get into your home. Sprinkling the baking soda at least once a week will make this a success.


Plumbing Odour control measures will ensure that your home is free from any foul odour originating from your drains. However, if you try all the methods discussed above and still have a foul smell, you should consider having the drains cleaned by professionals.